Helping Seniors

How to Support Our Local Senior Community

Many of us begin to experience mobility limitations, physical impairments, and cognitive changes over time. Moreover, new needs arise during the current global pandemic. Since not every senior has a family member nearby to lean on, there is a large gap the church community can help fill. Besides praying for our elders, below is a list of fifteen resources, provided by Standup for Caregivers and others, to help you reach out to those in need.

Four Ways to Help with Aging-in-Place:

Pitch in to ensure the home of a senior who is aging in place is free from hazards. 

Don’t Let Hazards in Their Home Prevent Aging in Place by Seniors

11 Low-Cost, DIY Aging in Place Modifications

Common In-Home Injuries for Seniors and How to Prevent Them

4 Questions to Ask About Senior Safety At Home

Six Ways to Help with Daily Living:

The activities of daily living (e.g. eating, bathing, and dressing) are challenging without assistance.

10 Signs A Senior May Need Assistance with Daily Living

The 5 Tasks Seniors Need Help With the Most

18 Easy and Healthy Meals for Seniors

Healthy Aging in Place: 3 Ideas for Seniors Who Want to Eat Nutritiously

Protective Face Masks: Resources on Making and Wearing Them

Finding Transportation Services for Seniors

Five Ways to Help with Social Isolation:

Unfortunately, social isolation has been linked to several physical and mental health issues in seniors; here are ways to help prevent this.

What is Senior Isolation, and What Can You Do to Help?

Easy Ways to Help Seniors Stay Social

How To Avoid Loneliness And Social Isolation For Seniors

33 Practical and Creative Senior Care Package Ideas

Tips to Help Seniors Boost Physical and Mental Health During Quarantine

Additional Resources:

The Internet Safety Guide for Seniors has helpful information and tips for seniors (and others) on how to safely and securely use the internet.

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