“My strength and my courage is the Lord, and he has been my savior.” ~Isaiah 12:2   

Prayer Network for the Parish of Mary, Mother of Mercy

“The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you. ” ~Psalm 9: 9–10

  • Please pray for recovering health for Rick B. (Sept. 25)
  • Please pray that the Kostruhocki family may find peach through God’s grace. (Sept. 25)
  • Please continue to pray for CC who fell and fractured his skull. He is home now but awaiting further tests. May he recover quickly and completely and be back home soon. (Sept. 25)
  • Please continue to pray for Marguerite who has cancer and breathing complications. May the doctors be guided to a successful cure. (Sept. 18)
  • Please pray for Frank S. who is fighting sepsis. May he have a full recovery and 100% healing. (Sept. 11)
  • Please pray for comfort for everyone who lost a loved one as a result of the 9/11 tragedy in NYC.
  • May Rogelia V. rest in peace. (Sept. 4)
  • Please pray for Camille K. who is in the hospital and needing multiple blood transfusions. May the doctors find the cause and a plan forward back to health. (Aug. 28)
  • Please pray for Sue T. (Aug. 21)
  • Please pray for Colleen H. (niece of Annette R. of our parish) who was severely injured in a boat accident. (Aug. 16)
  • Please pray for Chris C. who is having heart valve replacement surgery on August 17.
  • Please pray for healing and light for Peter. (Aug. 14)
  • Please pray that Howie H. might soon recover from illness. (Aug. 14)
  • Please pray for healing for Tom. (Aug. 7)
  • Please pray that Mark K. may find peace. (Aug. 7)
  • Please pray for good health for Anna F. (Aug. 7)
  • Please pray for peace for Cindy F. (Aug. 7)
  • Please pray for Reid who is six months old and suffering from a neurological disorder. Also pray for his family at this difficult time. (July 31)
  • Please pray for Bernie C. who is recovering from surgery.(July 31)
  • Please pray for Mary R. who is recovering from surgery on July 15th to remove the right lobe of her thyroid due to a goiter.
  • Please pray for our brother Paul. (July 10)
  • Please pray for the Carubia, Nicely, and Conlon families. (July 10)
  • Please pray for Smitty, Traci’s dad, who is having mobility issues. (July 8)
  • Please pray for the repose of the soul of Bob Fairclough who passed away on July 1. May his wife, Ronnie, and the rest of his family and friends find comfort in the resurrection. A memorial service for Bob was held on July 22 at Holy Cross church in Ovid.
  • Please pray for Patrick who is facing serious hip surgery. May his recovery be quick and complete. (July 3)
  • Please pray for Jerihea who is dealing with a heart attack. (July 3)
  • Marietta has asked us to keep her in your prayers. (July 3
  • Please pray for Carolyn J. who is dealing with dementia. (June 18)
  • Please pray for peace with my neighbors and give them insight into acceptance of others, particularly their Black neighbors. (June 18)
  • Please pray for Jack A. who had cancer surgery on June 22. May he have a good recovery. (June 12)
  • Please pray for good health for Gerry, Sandy, and Tara. (June 12)
  • Please pray for mental healing and deliverance for Mary Rose G. (June 5)
  • Please pray that Liam’s back surgery will go well and he has a quick recovery. (June 5)
  • Please pray for peace for a loving sister and her family. (June 5)
  • Please continue to pray that my sister Alanna will find peace. (June 5)
  • Please pray for Terri C. who has a UTI because of a kidney stone and is in the hospital. (June 4)
  • Please pray for Hudson F. who is 3 years old and who has recurring fevers. (June 4)
  • Prayer request for Ruth L’s brother-in-law John who is in the hospital with breathing and heart issues. (June 4)
  • Please pray for Jeff’s dad who is back in rehab after having gall stones removed. He will need a couple of more surgeries, including one to remove his gallbladder. (June 4)
  • Please pray for my sons who are experiencing depression. (May 29)
  • Please pray for my husband who is having surgery. (May 29)
  • Please pray for Bob V. who was admitted to Cayuga Medical for pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. May he have a swift and full recovery. (May 23)
  • Please pray for Marinna, diagnosed with a rare blood disease. (May 9)
  • Please pray for Susie who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is having surgery on April 22.
  • Please pray for Ellen, sister of a parishioner, who needs prayers. (April 19)
  • Please pray for John, brother of a parishioner, who continues to have health problems. (April 19)
  • Please pray for Ashley and her premature twin babies who were born April 13.
  • Please pray for faith and support for Karyn and family. (April 5)
  • Please pray for Tom M. (Jennifer’s dad) who had knee replacement surgery on March 17 and multiple complications since. Please pray that he might experience complete healing. Also pray for his two daughters who are taking care of him. May they all receive God’s strength and grace.
  • Please pray for good health and peace for Alanna. (March 27)
  • Many people have requested prayers for the people of Ukraine and that peace may come to that country and all countries of the world. May the families forced to flee their homes, especially the children, find a safe place to rest. (March 12)
  • Please pray for Kathy K. who broke her hip the morning of March 10. May she have a quick and complete recovery.
  • Please pray for Randy W. who is being treated for stage 3–4 throat cancer. May he be given God’s strength and grace during this time and may the treatments eradicate all traces of the cancer. (March 6)
  • Please pray that Sandy W. will be cancer free. (March 6)
  • Please pray for Steve, a Holy Cross member who is undergoing cancer treatments. May they be successful in removing all traces of the cancer. (Feb. 28)
  • Please pray for Elisha, a young child who is epileptic and going through experimental procedures for the next 12 weeks. He and his Mom are in FL for the treatments while his Dad and 3 brothers are at home in Ohio. May the treatments be successful and may God’s grace be with the entire family at this difficult time. (Feb. 28)
  • Please pray for Jennifer P. who is having a laminectomy on March 2. May it be successful and her recovery be complete. (Feb. 28)
  • Please pray for Barb B. who had surgery on Feb. 28. May it be successful and her recovery and healing be quick and uneventful.
  • Please pray for healing and faith for Richie and Pat M. (Feb. 21)
  • Please pray for Josephine C. who is in the hospital and not doing well. Please pray also for her kids who are very concerned. (Feb. 19)
  • Please pray for Karen (sister-in-law of a parishioner) who suffered an aneurysm on December 16th and was in the hospital for a month. She is home now but is struggling with recovery and rehabilitation. (Feb. 7)
  • Please pray for Adam D.  who needs help with employment. (Feb. 7)
  • Please pray that Teresa P. may be healed so she can return to her home. (Feb. 2)
  • Please pray for Beverly C. whose cancer has returned. May her chemo treatment be successful so that the cancer can go into full remission. (Jan. 30)
  • Please pray for Br. Paul Crawford, OFM, who is recovering from triple bypass surgery. Pray that all goes well and he has a speedy recovery. (Feb. 4)
  • Please pray for Brian who is trying to decide on college plans. (Jan. 18)
  • Please pray for Michael B. who has been in ICU since 1/1/22 with COVID.
  • Please pray for Austen who is dealing with mental health issues. (Jan. 16)
  • Please pray that Jerrod will come to the Lord. (Jan. 16)
  • Please pray that Jerry L.’s treatments will be successful and pray that his wife, Patty, will have a successful recovery from a compound fracture. (Jan. 24)
  • Please pray for a positive diagnosis for Mike D. (Jan. 16)
  • Please pray for improved health for Fr. Fred and Br. Joe (Capuchins), who are both in the hospital. (Jan. 8)
  • Please pray for Barbara B. who needs a resolution to a medical condition not related to COVID. Please guide her doctors in finding answers and treatment so she may be well again. (Jan. 5)
  • Please pray for Tom F. who is dealing with a number of physical problems and dementia. (Jan. 2)
  • Please pray for healing for Donald S. who has bone cancer. (Dec. 8)
  • Please pray for a friend who has pancreatic cancer. (Dec. 5)
  • Please pray for Barbara L. who has cancer. (Nov. 28)
  • Please pray for Charlotte H.
  • Please pray for two women who each had double mastectomies. (Oct. 31)
  • Please pray for Sally L. who was diagnosed with uterine cancer. (10/10)
  • Please pray for Brenda V. who had complications from cataract surgery and is now facing more surgery. (10/4)
  • Please pray for Sarah S. who had cancer surgery on October 1. May she have a full recovery.
  • Please pray for Amber A., mother of 2 teenagers, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Diffused B cell lymphoma which has spread to her nervous system. She is receiving chemo and has been in the hospital since August 31st. (Sept. 15)
  • Please pray for Mike B. who has cancer. (Sept. 15)
  • Please pray for baby Hudson (5 months old) who has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus. (Sept. 7)
  • Please pray for Susan who is having cancer surgery. (Sept. 6)
  • Please pray for Ragelio V. who has cancer. (Sept. 5)
  • Please pray for Carl and Kelly who are having health issues.
  • Please pray for Fran H. of our parish who had a stroke and is in the ICU at Cayuga Medical.
  • Please pray for good health for Barbara P.
  • Please pray for Treska’s dad who is recuperating from a stroke.
  • Please pray for Rick H. who has been dealing with brain cancer that has become worse.
  • Please pray for the health of Jenny E.B.
  • Please pray for Mike M. who is blind in one eye and is losing sight in his other eye. He had surgery on May 25.
  • Please pray for Christina who recently had gallbladder surgery and is now back in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs.
  • Please pray for Joan H. at the request of her family and friends.
  • Please pray for Erin, that she may be reconciled and reconnected with her family.
  • Please pray for someone going through a tough time.
  • Please pray for Gerry T.’s son, Michael, who is having health issues.
  • Please pray for Michelle V. who was diagnosed with leukemia.
  • Please pray for David M., diagnosed with tumor on his esophagus and who is presently receiving treatment.
  • Please pray for Major William G. deployed in Kuwait
  • Please pray for Jim D. who has a brain tumor. May he have complete healing and may he and his family be comforted by God’s grace during this difficult time.
  • Please pray for Diane who is seriously ill and did not have a good follow up report after surgery.
  • Please pray for Randy whose cancer has returned and who faces multiple surgeries. He also asks for prayers for his family at this difficult time.
  • Please pray for John who had cancer surgery. Pray for his recovery.
  • Please pray for Emma who is recovering at home.
  • Please pray for Jack who is in rehab.
  • Please pray for George and Diane who are receiving hospice care. Pray for their comfort and peace.

  • Please pray for refugees of the world and their separated families.
  • Please continue to pray for Father Eugene and the Capuchins at Saint Clare Friary, that all will remain healthy.
  • Please pray for all who are ill with COVID-19 and pray for a quick end to this virus. Pray for the repose of the souls of those who have died from COVID.
  • Please pray for the health and well being of Pope Francis, Pope Benedict, Bishop Matano, Bishop Clark, and the Friars of the Province of St. Mary.
  • Please pray for family and friends who have fallen away from their faith.
  • Please pray for the men and women at Willard and pray for their families.
  • Please pray the Lord will protect the unborn, marriage, and our religious freedom.
  • Please pray for peace in the world and an end to violence.
  • Please pray for family members in the service, for everyone on active duty in the military, and for all veterans.
  • Please pray for areas affected by earthquakes, floods, fires, and natural disasters.
  • Please pray for the safety of family and friends traveling.
  • Please pray for people ill with serious illnesses and for an end to Zika and Ebola.
  • Please pray for Christians in the world being treated harshly because of their faith. Pray for those Christians who are in harms way and those who have lost their lives because of their faith.
  • Please pray for all of out friends and family dealing with cancer and the treatments of the disease. May those who have had cancer in the past remain in remission.
  • Please pray for family and friends who have had heart attacks and those who suffer from heart ailments.
  • Please pray for all those addicted to alcohol, drugs, and all things preventing health in heart, mind, and body.
  • Pray for the elderly and the sick of our parish.
  • Please pray for the unborn.
  • Please pray for special intentions that remain silent in people’s hearts.

Please pray for the people listed above daily, either by visiting this page or reading the entries in the prayer book when you enter church. Include in your prayers all who are on our prayer lists, both past and present, and all those in need of our prayers, whether they are listed or not.

The above prayer list is for the parish community of Mary, Mother of Mercy. You may submit your prayer request by contacting the church (email: [email protected] or phone: 607-294-0064) to make a direct request for prayers.

~ Prayer to Mary, Mother of Mercy ~
~ Prayer of Unity ~
~ Hail Holy Queen ~
~ Prayer from St. Patrick’s Lorica



St. Joseph’s Prayer:

O St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in you all my interest and desires.

O St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession, and obtain for me from your divine Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. So that, having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of Fathers.

O St. Joseph, I never weary of contemplating you, and Jesus asleep in your arms; I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press Him close in my name and kiss His fine head for me and ask Him to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath.

St. Joseph, patron of departing souls, pray for me. Amen.

Mass Times:

Daily Mass is available, Monday through Friday, at 8:30 a.m. in St. Francis Solanus church, Interlaken, N.Y.

Weekend schedule of Masses in the parish:

4:00 p.m. at St. Francis Solanus, Interlaken

9:00 a.m. at St. James the Apostle, Trumansburg

10:30 a.m. at Holy Cross, Ovid

(If you are unable to attend in person due to health reasons, please see this list of ways to participate in Sunday Mass online.)

Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession:

Fridays, 6:30–7:30 p.m., at St. Francis Solanus church in Interlaken or by appointment with a priest.

Private Prayer:

• St. Francis Solanus Church in Interlaken is open at all times.
• St. James the Apostle Church in Trumansburg is open most days from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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